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lend and borrow, simpler than ever.

What is karo?

A peer-to-peer lending platform where people and companies can lend and borrow directly. A cover for a large unbanked people and using an artificial intelligence (AI) for credit rating. An upgrade on decentralized P2P lending platform using Karo token as utility token while compatible with legal and fiat moeny.


Invest in people. By choosing your investing strategy you can invest in many loans and get monthly payments by your accepted lending rate


Get a personal loan for your financial goals, a personalized loan based on your request and financial behavior is what your goals need


You can act as an insurer. Check requests, borrower credit history and reputation and insurance the requests by your expected fee.

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Apply for personal loan

You can use our credit scoring engine to get your loan credit. We use a distributed data evaluated in an isolated manner through integrated blockchain nodes.

Besides our credit score, you can use our system reports for your loan ratio through your loan. You can stay informed and manage the risks or opportunities with your loan.

We accept all crypto-currencies as a collateral to your loan. You can keep them in your LTV.

As soon as you fill your application request, all nodes in our blockchain network will be notified and they can evaluate your request.

Use your digital assets to INVEST

We’re helping people for better life

  • Start Investing with any amount
  • Interest rates from 3.00% to 10.00%
  • Starting LTV from 30% to 100%
  • Terms from 12 to 36 months
  • Invest and Lend at the same time

Our Team

Reza Nourmohammadi


Benyamin Abbasi

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Nariman Amani

Senior Developer

Bahador Nemati

Senior Developer

Amirhossein Alisedaghat

Senior Developer

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